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About Us


360 Streaming Solutions is an organization which does live broadcasting of video and audio for our clients via the internet or intranet.

As the name suggests, we are live streaming/webcasting organization which satisfies the communication needs of corporate organizations through innovative, creative & latest streaming media technology. That’s why 360 Streaming Solutions is not just limited to Dekstop & Laptop streaming but also gives the Streaming benefits on almost all Leading Mobile phones & Tablets devices.

At 360 Streaming Solutions we are passionate to help our clients to gain a competitive edge in promoting their products, services and events with a quick, effective and reliable manner across the globe. Thus providing the complete 360 Degree Streaming/Webcasting Solutions.

Our Services

Live Webcast

We do Live Webcast over internet and intranet to all platforms.

VOD Streaming

Recorded webcasts are available for later viewing.

Mobile Streaming

We stream to all mobile devices supporting all platforms.

Facebook Live Streaming

We support streaming to Facebook Live for your facebook followers.

YouTube Streaming

We support streaming to Youtube

Periscope Streaming

We support streaming to Twitter/Periscope

Video Email Marketing

We do email-marketing

Social Media Wall

We put your social media content on your wall at the venue.

Why Webcast?

Global Reach

Globally expand your audiences, broad-base your participants and widen your reach instantly and in real time. It simply increases your reach from few hundreds to many more. Reach out to target audience, anywhere, anytime over the internet or intranet.

Instant Connect

Instantly connect with your clients and customers. Build and grow your business exponentially. It increases the effectiveness and the life of the event.

Available 24x7

People are used to watching Television and listening to radio, where the message or the communication is available at a specific time. Your audience is would like to watch or listen to content that is streamed "live" as well as also if it is available any time. You can broadcast your videos, messages online just like a professional television or radio station does.

Webcasting Applications

Corporate Live Webcast

AGM, Investor Meets, Product Launches, Advertising, Corporate Addresses Lectures & Corporate Announcements etc.

Events Business and Industry

Conferences, Seminars, Trade Fairs, Presentations, Commercial Events, etc.

Education and Instruction

College Events, Convocations, Annual day celebrations, Training and Coaching, Online Instruction, Web Based Distance Learning etc.

Organizational and Entertainment

Music Concerts, Religious Ceremonies, Sporting Events, Press Conferences, wedding/ Marriages (WEDCAST) etc.

Our Clients